Do you want to improve your money management at once, save effectively and invest cautiously and courageously at the same time? Do you want to know the ETORO platform from the inside of the hand of a person like you? I accompany you step by step and tell you how I do it.


A book so that you stop losing all the money you earn and that you begin to take charge of your finances and your life.


  • A financial education book in which you will not have to take notes. It is simple and straightforward .

  • You will lose the fear of investing in the stock market . I offer my hand to you all the way. Also after reading it.

  • I am a person like you and I am going to tell you about my successes and mistakes in the last three years. I will save you money.

  • You will know, first-hand, how ETORO works : one of the most popular platforms of this year.

  • I'm going to tell you about my investment routine, STEP BY STEP so you don't get lost and play safe.


With this book you will make your money grow if you apply what you read. It is not about getting easy money, but it is about developing an EFFECTIVE PLAN to make the most of what you earn.

What you are going to GET with this book:

  • Ensure your future and that of your family without depending on public pensions or your boss raising your salary. You are in luck.

  • Know where your money is going each month and start to control it to live better and with more peace of mind.

  • Learn to invest sensibly , profitably and without feeling guilty about making money.

  • Get to the point : if you only have sixty minutes to read and € 50 to make your first investment, this is your book. You can invest in stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices in different countries.

  • If you do NOT want a book that sells you smoke and impossible figures, you are reading the book you need.


... all this and much more, in a book that has already changed the lives of hundreds of readers.


WHO IS THIS BOOK FOR : a perfect book for entrepreneurs, businessmen, parents, seniors and young people who want to control their money and make it grow in a sustainable and calm way.


A straightforward and NO complications book that will make your money have more value: it will make you feel like you have superpowers.



BUY IT BELOW . I wait for you inside.




The book that will make you question what and how you spend your money, will encourage you to control it and that will cause you the feeling of having super powers. Because applying business criteria to the family economy can only bring you benefits and more time for what you want most. Stop depending on third parties, draw up a plan and execute it easily. I show you how I do it.

A simple plan

The first thing is to get to know where the money is going. In this book you will find a guide to get it and the best tips.


A good savings plan is essential to grow your money. In this case, I detail my way of budgeting expenses so as not to have scares throughout the year and face unforeseen events. Take control and feel the force.


In this third block I share with you my investment strategies. Both those that I do actively and those that I do passively: because each person is different. Learn the step by step of how I became an investor, overcoming all fears.


Do you want to delve into the topics of the book through mentoring or personalized training?

If you want us to work together and share ALL the tools that I mention in the book and many more, with a 100% personal follow-up with me ... sign up for the next button on the WAITING LIST. Also if you want to hire a CONFERENCE, TALK or TRAINING for your company.

Aimed at: businessmen, entrepreneurs and freelancers

Aimed at: businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers and families



Book on money management and financial freedom


  • Regain control over money

  • Regain control over time

  • Create a consistent savings-to-investment plan

  • Improve financial strength and freedom

Aimed at: businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers and families

Readers Opinion

MARIA. Very useful for newbies

Reviewed in Spain on April 10, 2021

I have no experience in finance but I am starting to get interested. This book has been very enjoyable for me, easy to read and understand and above all very useful to begin to understand the world of finance,

Amazon Customer

5.0 out of 5 stars A great gift for the gentr that you care

Reviewed in Spain on November 14, 2020

As Nacho says, when you start to control your economy, you think you have superpowers. With a close language and without technicalities, the author lays the foundations for you to control your accounts and thus live more calmly and with less frustration. A gift that I will share with several good friends.

Alexander G

5.0 out of 5 stars Claro y conciso

Reviewed in Spain on April 3, 2021

Verified purchase

The comment title says it all. An enjoyable book to read, without complicated technicalities for those of us who feel overwhelmed by the idea of investing. It is exactly what I was looking for, a practical guide that would clarify my doubts without filling my head with the history of economics or investment. It has given me the two key guidelines for self-management of my money, passive investment and trading with a tool for those of us who do not have time (or knowledge) to spend hours in front of a stock chart. The subsequent follow-up of Nacho, after reading the book and contacting him to answer questions, has been the icing on the cake of a training process of a few days that has made me lose the fear of starting in this world and has helped me take the step of being the one who decides the fate of my money.

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