Good results, they deserve a good story

We know what it takes to achieve good results in your communication. That is why we want to help you through Data Storytelling: to make your work shine as it deserves.

Your good data

they deserve a

great story

What are not accounts, are stories

Don't let bad exposure lower the value of your data

  • Would you like to have a good common thread for your exhibitions


  • The way you present your results is boring for you


  • It gives you the feeling that you are not progressing even if the numbers improve

  • You feel that you lack credibility in your presentation of results speech


  • The numbers do not reflect the effort you have made in communication


  • You do not receive congratulations for your work or the result achieved

  • You are unable to make the presentation of a report with data attractive


  • In your personal life it is difficult for you to lead the conversations


  • You need a convincing speech to get investors for your project

My experience collecting data over three decades is combined with my ability to tell stories: Data Storytelling.


Over three decades I have become an expert in offline and online media. I have made listening a habit to detect trends and business opportunities for my clients. Good ideas for creating content also come from there. All this contributes to improving the personal and professional brand of my clients.

The time has come to "write" our content before we start writing. We have the opportunity, for the first time in history, to find out what people are talking about on the topic we want to address: be it a statement, a video or a podcast. SEO work prior to content creation is the first step to boost your results, engagement with your audience and the possibility of obtaining accurate metrics. I also help you interpret and tell them creatively.




I put my career as an expert in clipping, media listening and fingerprinting at your service.


Brands need to find their own voice to speak to their audience. For that we are.


Fall in love again with your job as a Dircom, making your data and words go hand in hand to travel to the future.

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Your expert in media, SEO writing and Storybrand

I have managed clipping companies for more than twenty years and I have been a Strategic Consultant for SMEs and multinationals. In all this time I have seen the world of media change a lot, measuring results and interacting with audiences. Therefore, I propose you:


- A different approach to your communication based on real metrics from your online media and social networks.


- Analysis of new trends and technological advice for their implementation.


- Optimization of the story of your brand so that it stands out from the competition.


My objective is twofold: to facilitate the interpretation of the data through storytelling and, on the other, to improve the results of your brand with SEO techniques based on new trends and my skills as a writer. Technology is the great ally to achieve all this.

Data Storytelling brings your data to life

Numbers turned into words that count

As head of communication you have achieved a tremendous impact for your brand. Now it's time to present the results to your colleagues; the sweats begin.


That is why I decided to specialize in Data Storytelling:


- I will help you to prepare better reports to optimize the visualization of your data.


- My skill as a writer will help you tell the best possible story with your data. Rigor can be enjoyable.


- If you want, I will help you improve your presentations or perform one on your behalf .


My goal as a Data Storyteller is to put at the service of my clients my more than ten years as an expert in public speaking, together with the two long decades dedicated to data management and presentation of results.


Your brand has a story behind it.

We are going to tell it in words and with data.

My commitment to you and your project:


  • Answer: in less than 3 hours you will know about me from the reception of your call or email.

  • Personalization : I am used to tailored suits with my clients. Don't be afraid to ask me for something you've never asked me before. It is the story of my life.

  • Meeting: in person if possible and if not by video call. As many times as necessary to carry out the project. That DOES: meetings with purpose and implementation commitments.   .


You know what I do and how I do it. On this website you have all the necessary data to take the next step. Thank you for your time visiting my website and have a good day.



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