Do you want to find the balance between your personal and work life? Do you need to improve your relationship and make it your team? Do you want to know the keys to have a better relationship with your children and / or social environment?


The solution is to reflect on the priorities you have in your life and find tools that allow you to make them come true. COUPLE AND TEAM contains everything you need to improve your relationship with your five elements: money, time, work, family and home. You will achieve balance.

To achieve this objective, in this book you will find real examples of how to bring them to fruition and you will also find the outstretched hand of the author, to be able to help you once you finish reading it.



  • Improve your family relationships

  • Plan your fatherhood or motherhood more consciously

  • Learn to identify allies that add value to you and eliminate thieves from YOUR TIME

  • To regain the illusion for the little things. Alone and in company


  • Manage complicated work situations. Including being unemployed.

  • Consume with better criteria and take advantage of everything free and of quality that surrounds you.

  • Find quality training that makes you improve your job and earn more by working less

  • You will improve your relationship with money and you will lay the foundations of your financial freedom.


COUPLE AND TEAM is the book you need to improve your life in all aspects. In addition, you will do it hand in hand with the REAL experience that the author shares with you.

BUY it below , enjoy reading it and continue to learn more resources to make your life count again.  



Nothing will ever be

like before

If you are one of those who learned something from the pandemic experienced during 2020 and 2021. If you got something good about what you want to change in your life to be happier, then in this book you will find many answers to those uncomfortable questions that inhabit inside you.

Together we are much more than two

The time has come to leave behind old models of both work and family. We redefine success based on our experiences and we are not one of those who regrets when it is late, for not having spent more time with our family.


It is time to better manage the one we have. Knowing how to prioritize and know ourselves inside to dedicate our most precious asset to what is most valuable to us.


Money is no longer a taboo. It is the lever that will largely determine the life we have ... the life we want. Because making money is a matter of time and the better we manage it, the less we will need and the freer we will be. You sign up?


Do you want to delve into the topics of the book through mentoring or personalized training?

If you want us to work together and share ALL the tools that I mention in the book and many more, with a 100% personal follow-up with me ... sign up for the next button on the WAITING LIST. Also if you want to hire a CONFERENCE, TALK or TRAINING for your company.

Aimed at: businessmen, entrepreneurs and freelancers

Aimed at: businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers and families



Book about family, work and their relationship with time and money.


  • Manage work and family time

  • Exercise family co-responsibility

  • Improve the level of emotional well-being

  • Improve the relationship with money.

  • Improve personal and work productivity

Aimed at: adolescents, families, entrepreneurs and employees

Readers Opinion

Jordi Fernandez

5.0 out of 5 stars The author is exceeded in each book

Reviewed in Spain on June 13, 2020

Verified purchase

Yes, I admit it: I am a fan of Nacho. His latest book, the fourth, thrills me again, makes me laugh again and makes me think again. True to the style to which he is accustomed, he criticizes aspects that are considered common in the society in which we have lived. He talks about life as a couple, the relationship with children, the role of the elderly ... He encourages us to live in a more conscious world, in which time matters, and gives very good advice from his personal experience. And all this, without losing your sense of humor. It is exceeded in every book. For me, this one, written in times of Covid-19 (in which everything it relates makes more sense), is the best. If you read me, please, Nacho, keep writing.

Ami Bondía

5.0 out of 5 stars A human book full of strength and light in difficult times

Reviewed in Spain on May 22, 2020

Verified purchase

It is the third book that I read by Nacho and as always it is wonderful to enjoy its pages and learn from its joy and freshness.
The engine of his life is his family. And that inspiration and that love that he transmits for his wife and children goes beyond the screen.
Thank you for addressing these issues in times of uncertainty and pain. You are light!

Tania camon

5.0 out of 5 stars Very happy with the rediscovery

Reviewed in Spain on June 29, 2020

Verified purchase

Curiously, Nacho was my boss 20 years ago during my first university internships, and then I lost track of him. I was virtually reunited with him in full confinement in a Telework Forum presentation, and I loved what I heard, and seeing that after so long, I felt I had many more things in common with him than in the first moment. And reading Couple and Team I have convinced myself of it. Speak clearly and very honestly about something that should be in many more conversations. Your outreach work on an issue as important as conciliation is greatly appreciated. So it seems to me that it is an essential book to stick a wiggle to the foundations of our day to day. If confinement hasn't been enough for you to rethink whether you have the life you want, I'm sure this book will finish helping you. Thanks Nacho!

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