12. How to create an effective sales funnel with Storybrand

Today we're going to learn how to create an effective sales funnel with Storybrand.

Today we're going to put into practice everything we've learned in the previous episodes. You'll be able to create a 100% effective sales funnel to create all your marketing and communication based on the messages that we've been clarifying together during these weeks that we've been together.

There are five pieces that will take your business to another level.

One Liner. An effective answer to the question "What do you do? An effective website that attracts customers An email catcher that brings value to your prospects A chain of emails that give valuable content to your audience A chain of sales emails that really get you to improve your results. Press play and enjoy what's coming up in this podcast.

You know that if you want me to help you with the message of your brand to apply together everything you hear here and find the right words that make you sell more, you just have to enter www.nachocaballero.com and book a free consultation with me.

Thank you for listening and I ask you for 5 stars in apple podcast and help me to spread this content to whoever you think it can help. A big hug and I'll see you next Friday. Bye.

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