14. How to create a website that generates sales by applying Storytelling and Storybranding

It's very possible that you have a website that looks great, cost you a lot of money, but doesn't generate any kind of results. Today we are going to see how to create a website that works and generates sales, thanks to storytelling and storybranding.

It could also be that your brother-in-law did it to you and it's just a vase website that serves absolutely no purpose. Does that ring any bells?

Today I want to share with you everything you need to create an effective website that will generate sales in your business.

Let's go over, step by step, all the elements you need in your website so that it really becomes an element that will lead you to success in your business. Take note:

The headline What's at stake The value proposition The Guide The plan (remember simple) The explanatory paragraph The video (optional) Pricing options (optional) The disaster drawer.

You already know that if you want me to help you with your brand message to apply together everything you hear here and find the right words that make you sell more, you just have to enter my website and book a consultancy with me.

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