15. How to create an effective lead magnet

Today we talk about a very interesting topic and it is the email catcher that you need to have on your website. Finally, you are going to know how to create an effective lead magnet for your website.

It is the first step to have your customers filtered, classified and have the opportunity to interact with them knowing their previous interests and be able to provide value in each interaction.

In this episode we are going to review what should be included in this email generator or Lead Generator to be really effective.

I'm also going to talk about the specific structure it should have inside so that it really adds value to your customers, who you know are the real heroes of your business.

You have it all in the podcast.

And so far today's chapter, you know that if you want me to help you with the message of your brand to apply together everything you hear here and find the right words that make you sell more, you just have to enter nachocaballero.com and book a free consultancy with me.

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