16. How to create an effective email campaign for your customers

Today we're talking about emails that keep you connected to your customers. The ones where you give them valuable information. Today you'll learn how to create an effective email campaign to communicate with your customers.

There are a lot of people who get those follow up emails to become spam. The goal is to maintain a healthy relationship with the customer, because they may not be ready to buy now, but if we keep in touch... there may come a time when they ARE ready to buy.

Let's review the different pieces of our funnel: ONE LINER, WEBSITE, LEAD GENERATOR, FOLLOW UP MAILS AND SALES MAILS that we will see in the next episode.

In the previous episode we saw how to get your email. Now, with their email, we can continue to inform them and give them knowledge that solves part of their problem.

We have to help them and generate that reciprocity that, little by little, will turn us into the guide they need. I recommend a weekly email that solves a problem that brings value... so that when someone is ready, you are there.

The follow-up campaign is a long term one. If they keep accepting your email, it's already valuable, even if they don't read it. It keeps you in their mind, for when they're ready to buy. Remember: "if you're not in sight, you're not on the list".

You can give tips or ways to improve their life, you can announce a new episode of your podcast, or an event. If you get burned out writing weekly, make it monthly. The goal is to keep them coming back to your site and give them subtle calls to action.

Don't worry about people deleting themselves. In fact, it's a good thing because it improves your subscriber list and keeps those who, in the future, will be ready to buy.

Use the follow-up campaign to humanize the sales process of your business. Make it natural.

Many businesses make the mistake of asking you to marry them on the first date. Don't make that mistake. This is what a follow-up campaign is for.

And so far today's chapter, you know that if you want me to help you with the message of your brand to apply together everything you hear here and find the right words that make you sell more, you just have to enter my website and book a free consultation with me. I thank you for listening and I ask you for 5 stars on apple podcast and Spotify and that you help me to spread this content to whoever you think can help you.

A big hug and listen to you next Friday. Bye.

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