3. The hero's journey applied to your customer. Storytelling and Storybranding in your marketing.

Today I want to talk to you about the hero's journey. How the transformation of our customer from an initial state to a final state, becomes a valuable source of arguments that we have to take advantage of in our marketing and sales.

We have to be able, in an honest way, to make our customer see what will happen if he decides to follow the plan we propose to solve his problem. This visualization will be crucial for them to take the final step. Without forgetting that we must first empathize with how they feel before meeting us.

As in the previous chapter, I resort to the example of Karate Kid to see how a character transforms.

This is Storybrand applied and effective.

I tell you more and better in the audio that accompanies this post.

STORYTELLING WITH MEANING: the podcast in which I help you clarify your message to connect with your customers and get results.

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