2. Storybrand applied to your brand and how the Karate Kid can help your marketing and sales

Updated: Jun 1

Storybrand can help your brand through the Karate Kid. Who doesn't remember the story of Daniel Larusso in the 80's? A story that has been resurrected thanks to the Netflix series Cobra Kai and that premieres its new season during New Year's Eve 2021.

In that karate story we can identify all those elements that are part of the Storybrand methodology:

  • A character who wants something: to feel respected and get the girl.

  • He has a problem: he gets his face smashed every now and then and he's a wimp.

  • He meets a mentor (Miyagi) who gives him a plan (simple no, but plan).

  • There is a call to action: when they get the truce because they will go to the championship.

  • To achieve success (the crane kick) that makes him avoid failure.

  • The incredible transformation of the character.

  • The Storybrand methodology is the most powerful and simple tool to achieve results with your marketing and sales. In this movie from the 80's all the elements are condensed.

You have to understand that you are Professor Miyagi for your customer, who is Da, da, daniel san. You are the one who has to guide your customer and give him a simple plan; "wax on, wax off" and make him feel that call to action so that he gets the final kick and gets his problem solved on all three levels:

  • External.

  • Internal.

  • Philosophical

In this episode we review, with a movie example, how is the structure you need to find customers and apply the marketing and sales of your business.

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