Storytelling and Storybrand applied to the marketing of your business.

When you want to be an entrepreneur, you run the risk of not wanting to know anything about marketing and/or sales. It is then that you realize that your great idea is useless and that no one else thinks it is great.

This causes the moral and emotional collapse of many entrepreneurs who see how their great project falls apart, when everyone around them told them it was a marvel.

How to use the Storybrand framework, applied to your business

It's the most powerful marketing tool you can have to get results and it's based on simple tools that work.

If you like stories like THE KING'S SPEECH or KÁRATE KID, you'll really enjoy this methodology. Among other things, because Storybrand applied to the marketing of your business will save you a LOT OF MONEY.

This method that Storybrand uses to create your marketing, has a literary structure that is not manipulative for your client. It is an honest system of communicating with your potential customers. In fact, with Storybrand, you are a constant interpreter of the story for your client. You are a clarifier of messages, needs and solutions.

In case you're wondering, Storybrand is a marketing and communication method that works for all types of businesses: B2B, B2C, NGOs, SMEs, family businesses, multinationals and everything else you can think of.

In the next episode and post of this blog, we will see what our persona wants and what problem it has to get it.

It's the first step in getting Storybrand to become the platform that gets your business off the ground.

We read or listen to each other

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Nacho Caballero. Storytelling and Storybrand expert

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